Teaching Experience

Associate Professor (Fall 2022-present) – Murray State University

Assistant Professor (Fall 2016-Spring 2022) – Murray State University 

  • Introduction to International Relations (including web and honors versions)
  • Human Rights
  • Research Methods (including sociology section)
  • International Law and Organizations
  • Terrorism, Insurgency, and Counterterrorism
  • Latin American Politics
  • Globalization (co-taught course with sociology)
  • Senior Seminar in Political Science

Teaching Awards

Board of Regents Excellence in Teaching Award, Murray State University

Teaching Circle Grant, Murray State University, College of Humanities and Fine Arts, Fall 2017-Spring 2018

  • Grant provided by the College to aid instructors’ use of innovative pedagogical approaches and develop interdisciplinary courses.
  • Resulted in the creation of an interdisciplinary course on Globalization that combines theories and methodologies from Political Science and Sociology.

Excellence in Teaching in Political Science, University of Missouri, 2013

  • Awarded to the teaching assistant with the highest teaching evaluations each year.

Previous Teaching Experience

Instructor (Spring 2016) – University of Missouri – Introduction to International Relations – Course Syllabus

Instructor (Fall 2015) – University of Missouri – Introduction to International Relations – (Student Evaluations)Course Syllabus

Instructor (Spring 2015) – University of Missouri – Terrorism, Insurgency, and Counterterrorism (Student Evaluations) – Course Syllabus

Teaching Assistant (August 2011-December 2014)

Fall 2014, Latin American Politics, Instructor: Laila Sorurbakhsh

Spring 2014, Comparative Political Systems, Instructor: Melissa Buice (Student Evaluations)

  • Responsible for 4 discussion sections (83 students total)

Fall 2013, Comparative Political Systems, Instructor: Laron Williams (Student Evaluations)

  • Responsible for 3 discussion sections (68 students total)

Spring 2013, American Government, Instructor: Jay Dow

Fall 2012, Introduction to International Relations, Instructor: A. Cooper Drury (Student Evaluations)

  • Responsible for 4 discussion sections (93 students total)

Spring 2012, Power and Money, Instructor: Jonathan Krieckhaus

Fall 2011, Politics and the Media, Instructor: William Horner