Below is a list of current projects that I have been working on. If you have any questions or would like to obtain a PDF version of these pieces, please contact me.

Non-State Actors and TANs:

“NGOs and Human Rights.” In The Routledge Handbook of NGOs and International Relations. Forthcoming. (with Amanda Murdie).

“Resource Wealth, Democracy, and Mobilization.” 2017. Journal of Development Studies 1-19. (with Moises Arce, Rebecca E. Miller, and Christopher F. Patane).

“Human Rights and Transnational Advocacy Networks.” 2016. In The Oxford Handbook of Political Networks. Jennifer Nicoll Victor, Mark Lubell, and Alexander Montgomery, eds. (with Amanda Murdie).

“How NGO Activities affect Labor Rights in the Developing World.” (with Amanda Murdie)

Political Violence:

“Determining the Impetus of Violent Social Movements.” (with Christopher Patane)

Working Papers:

“Justice for Whom? Analyzing the Impact of Foreign Aid on Transitional Justice” (with Jeffrey D. King)

“Resource Extraction and Protests: A Regional Study of Latin America” (with Moises Arce and Bryce Reeder)

“Exporting Human Rights? Naming and Shaming of Private Corporations” (with Amanda Murdie)

 “How Effective is Transitional Justice?”